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Tuesday, September 27, 2011

from The News: Monday​-​Friday by Sara Bouchard



“My friends and citizens, not so long ago
Our future looked grim, shrouded in shadow.
But at some level, you know, we’ve always believed 'round here.
I’m pleased to present our ocean frontier.”

The crowd was blown away. It was, first of all, immense:
A floating city. Impossible not to be impressed.
He pointed to the pumps and tubes and electronics,
He described the technologies and the complex robotics.
“A wondrous product of invention,
A pulse of hope defying all convention.”

When you’ve more or less permanently got the blues,
You’ve learned to turn the channel on the television news.
In spite all of their commercial fodder,
It’s a big rock sticking out of the water.
With the climate shifting in our face
Can this deadwood move from place to place?

It’s not merely strange;
This is such a sea change:
Adjusting to a new world at high tide.
As we set out to enduring it,
We’re not in charge of curing it.

"Think of the giant cranes as
Stretching back across large time spans."
That’s the optimistic part.
That too is a revelation.
It’s encouraging, for sure,
For a people with no lasting legacy.

But “Everything’s O.K! Everything’s O.K!"
"I need this song right now,” she said,
Switching her hips, waving her fists
And crowing.


from The News: Monday​-​Friday, released March 2, 2012


all rights reserved



Sara Bouchard Richmond, Virginia

I am a multi-disciplinary artist and songwriter with a strong foothold in American roots. As an artist, I investigate ways to interact with and represent the American landscape through song. As a musician, I perform original and traditional tunes - drawn from bluegrass, old-time, jazz, country and blues - with my band SALT PARADE. ... more

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